Thou Swell: A Giveaway

thou-swell-cover-cocorrina Hello friends! I’ve got a great giveaway for you today in honor of Thou Swell‘s first birthday! If you haven’t checked out Thou Swell yet, I highly suggest you do. Especially if you’re an interior design lover like myself. Kevin compiles the greatest content and has awesome taste.

So, in celebration, Kevin gathered a wonderful group of creatives to giveaway an iPad mini and a 3 month subscription to NextIssue. Refer to the Rafflecopter below to enter and good luck!

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On Sisters

_DSC6122 The other day, my friend Amanda sent over some photos she snapped on our Fall Day adventure at the beginning of the month. This one was by far my favorite. Then, by pure coincidence, I happened to stumble across this list on Thought Catalogue. So of course, it all got me thinking about just how different my life would be without my little sister by my side. I had to find a way to share this photo, so I sat down and did some thinking about this beautiful (I mean, look at her) sister of mine.

What do your siblings mean to you? I think siblings can mean something different to all of us. I always thought it would be cool to have a big brother. I love the potential bond that a relationship like that could have. Or to be one of four, five, even six kids. I’m sure the dynamic between two brothers is probably much different than that of two sisters. And I’ve seen many sister bonds that are very different from the one I share with mine.

To say we’re close is an understatement. At just 14 months apart, we grew up side by side. The number of times we were asked if we were twins is too many to count. We wore each others clothes and sang into hairbrushes in front of the bathroom mirror. We shared friends and secrets and cars and heartfelt advice. There’s no one who knows my deepest secrets quite like she does.

This one is just us to a tee. “A fun night was just the next door away. When you were bored, you just walked across the room, watched a movie with your sister or drove out for dinner. Your life-less night became a good one in an instant.”

…or blasted Taylor Swift and had a major dance party.

And this. I couldn’t have said it better myself. ”You grew up and realized no friendship gets stronger than this. She knows your likes and dislikes. She saw you naked. She was with you when you failed your test, when you passed it, got your first boyfriend, when you broke up with him, when your parents fought, when you were sick, when you graduated, when you lost your best friend, when you got your first job. You grew up and realized, she isn’t just your sister. She was your soul.”

Sisters are good. Each day, I realize more and more just how good.

Love ya, sis. Thanks for it all. The laughing fits that went on for hours, the mall trips, the shoulder to cry on. You are awesome.


Happy Birthday to My Zooey!

DSC_1905 Kent-Falls-Collage-03 DSC_1916 Kent-Falls-Collage-02 DSC_1932 DSC_1940 Kent-Falls-Collage-01 DSC_1926 DSC_1910 DSC_1918 DSC_1922 Kent-Falls-Collage-04 DSC_1953 DSC_1958 DSC_1960 The other day I was editing some new photos for an upcoming project of mine (!!!) and stumbled upon these. They were taken back in August on a dreary Friday afternoon. Hobson and I took Zooey up to Kent Falls State Park, and I brought my camera along. Despite the weather, it turned out to be a great day for a hike, and those gorgeous falls worked it for the camera pretty darn well, too.

I thought today was a good day to post these, seeing how it’s Zooey first birthday! Yup, today, October 16th, my baby girl turns one. The vet told me something the other day at Zooey’s last appointment about how she’ll always have that adorable puppy face. That made me smile because, gosh, she’s just the cutest.

To our dear Zooey. As crazy and energetic and demanding as you are, as annoying as you can be, no matter how many socks and sweatshirts you chew, no matter how early you jump on our bed in the morning, you are still the sweetest. Whether you’re pouncing at your toys like a cat, army crawling from the foot of our bed to our pillows in the morning, doing flips in the air because you just cannot contain your excitement, running full speed just to get other pups to chase you at the dog park, sleeping arms outstretched in the air, legs wide open and usually in my arms, you manage to make us laugh every darn day. You’ve brought an indescribable joy to our lives. Thank you for making us a family.

Happy birthday (or Yappy Barkday, as your giant cookie says)!