A Very Welcome Weekend

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I know, I know, you’re like “isn’t every weekend very welcomed?” Yes, but boy, am I happy to see this one! It’s been a chaotic and crazed four weeks since we’ve moved into our new home, and this weekend we’re officially celebrating with friends and family. I’m overjoyed for tomorrow’s festivities, bring on the food, wine, laughs and fun. After it’s over though, I’m ordering up a full day of sleep, blankets, pajamas, movies and puppy cuddles. Lots of puppy cuddles. (Quick puppy tangent… doesn’t she look like a little old lady in that photo?  ^  I swear, she’s only 11 months! I think it’s hilarious and adorable. Hobson says she looks like an alligator. But my goodness, if she has to be an alligator, she’s a pretty darn cute one).  Anyway, we’ve been completing project after project and making decision after decision since we’ve moved in, putting our stamp on the space within these walls. It’s been a riveting, exciting, thrilling ride, one I’ll probably look back on one day with so many fond memories. While there’s much more to be done, after this weekend, we’re taking a break. A couple weeks of taking it slow, kicking our feet up and actually enjoying life inside our little red house are just what the doctor has ordered for us.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! It’s supposed to be 80 degrees here. Oh, and yesterday it was 60 and rainy. You’re weird, New England. Good weird, though.

Outfit Details. top - Everlane // hat – bought in Athens years back // jeans - American Eagle // booties – TJ Maxx


Current Observations: 02


MAKING this house a home. A fun, exhausting project.
COOKING hot soup to use up the loads of farmers market veggies sitting in our fridge, and to warm things up around here, because, well, hello 40 degree nights.
DRINKING coffee.
READING anything and everything home decor related.
WANTING this cardigan. I would, quite literally, live in it.
LOOKING for a cozy rug for our living room. Suggestions would be appreciated!
PLAYING Ella Henderson.
WISHING for the weekend. It’s going to be a good one.
ENJOYING the slow, chilly mornings. Sweaters, coffee, candles. Yes, yes, yes.
WAITING for the weekend. Said that already, yes?
LIKING this capsule wardrobe idea. Wishing I had the time to make it happen.
WONDERING what the dog is chewing in the other room. Worst nightmare.
LOVING this time of year. I know everyone is saying that but gosh, it’s just so cozy and fresh and new and good.
HOPING for a quintessential New England autumn. Apple picking, pumpkin carving, leaf peeping… you name it.
MARVELING at how quickly this year is breezing by.
NEEDING a warm blanket.
SMELLING the ocean spray candle lit next to me. A little out of season, yes, I know.
WEARING sweats and a cozy sweater.
NOTICING how far we’ve come in our house so far, but how far we’ve still to go.
TRYING to be okay with slow progress.
THINKING about how much I really love September. What a freakin’ awesome month.
BOOKMARKING rugs, lamps, cabinets. All day long.
FEELING excited for these next few weeks. They’re going to be good.

What observations are you making lately?

Image by Sarah Wheeler via Instagram & iPhone ( @sarahannwheeler )


Inside Look: August

Collage The last full month of summer was good to us. Very good. Here’s what happened.

(ONE) A few vineyard visits to my local favorites, Jones Winery and White Silo Farm, with the best of friends and family. (TWO) Many nights spent outdoors admiring the show Mother Nature puts on for us every evening. There was barely a night that went by in which I didn’t snap a picture of the sky. (THREE) Al fresco dining. Lots of it. (FOUR) Birthday celebrations for Hobson. We had a delicious dinner here, grabbed some drinks with friends, and spent a night at Citi Field for the Braves/Mets game. I can’t speak for him, but I’d say it was a pretty perfect way to celebrate! (FIVE) Maybe the best part of the month, and the reason we were so looking forward to August, was the purchase of our first house! We were (and still are) over the moon to be homeowners. And I want to thank each and every one of you that sent congrats and kind words! The process wouldn’t have been the same without the love of our family and friends and all of you!

I love September, oh so much. Summer always holds a huge piece of my heart, but I think I’m just about ready for the crisp of fall in the air. Here’s to a season of change, lots of hot vanilla chai and cozy socks.

All images by Sarah Wheeler via Instagram & iPhone ( @sarahannwheeler )